The Canadian Election, 2015

“The people Are Never Wrong.” Stephan Harper, October 19, 2015
On October 19, 2015, a tidal wave of voter sentiment crossed a continent, and submerged our Country in a Real Time demonstration of Democracy at it’s finest.
Canada replaced, without reservation, its entire federal governing party. Not unprecedented to be sure, but an outcome unseen for many relatively recent elections
The reasons for this grand re-shuffle in the Nation’s Parliament will be sliced, diced, and endlessly mashed and squeezed into newsy bits and fed to the nugget factory that is information dissemination today. Some worthy dishes served for sure, and no lacking for choices.
I say this.
The reason for the passing of the political baton might be boiled down to a couple root causes.
A feeling in the breast, a nagging behind your thoughts, a strong undercurrent, a subject, so far left mostly unmentioned, brought a force into play during this election that was unexpected, or at least underestimated.
Canadians are very aware, and long tired, of mostly increasingly ridiculous safety measures, and the constant threat of, not imminent lethal catastrophes within our borders, but ever creeping security concerns and the steps, procedures, and bureaucratic contortions they inevitably spawn.
Our well being is paramount.
Of course the real threats to Canadians, the deadly sort, and there are certainly many, will not diminish in any way after this election. It is vital Canada maintains a strong and morally fit emergency services and military.The voters know too, those institutions will not function on promises.
The discomfort in the chest, the nagging thought, is a national, subliminal, realization that Democracy protects first, the liberty of its people, and Democracy can not trade freedoms for assurances, without withering that which it is sworn to protect.
This truth lives in the hearts of all people who believe in Democracy.
Canadians revealed that truth at the polls, and I think this election will eventually be recognized as a demonstration of how Strong Currents move a united people, even if that Current moves under the surface and out of the light.
Canadian’s have a saturation point for evasion and obfuscation, negativity and blatant hucksterism.
This election year; it seemed without knowing, and without even the concept of knowing such a thing could be be possible, the media savvy, high-priced, high octane, consultants, gurus, maestros, and the train-wreck of techs, scribes, disciples and the bewildered, that is a legion lost in the desert, must be having a “Ah ha!” moment, or they should be.
It might take time; unless, Fantastical Deities help us, it is too late.
Right now the industrial complex and mindset of selling political personalities as normal people that will make our laws might be too far into the forest to see the trees.
It should be everyone’s hope these, doubtless humbled, operators find their way out of the forest, so as to not build on the folly that has wrought them such ruin today.
When the commercials degenerate into mudslinging or pandering one too many times, and the last years of Rule have been a gradual escalation of quieting tax payer funded science, and stuffing countless, and vital, legislative bills into annual and what were once singular Parliamentary Duties, Canadians feel themselves filled.
We are not Americans.
No slight to them, God knows they know.
(Canuck humour my good neighbours.)
Negative talk and a carnival element has been woven through Canadian politics and campaigning since inception.
Nonetheless, and to narrow the point, there are a myriad of reasons U.S. style campaign ads don’t always resonate with Canadians, ranging from production quality to cultural differences, but what is so important about the current state of commercialization in Canadian campaign politics, and why this election will go down as seminal within that realm, is because the Member was becoming the message.
The politics were now being shaped by a character trait initially borrowed. Voters were getting glimpses of the same message in spooky ads on tv as they were from the Canadian who was supposed to represent Them. When the message so engulfed the Member, and the message was ever more looking like the borrowed one, Canadians no longer recognized their Leader, and no longer related to Him.
To the Future
The Prince in triumph has entered the Castle, handsome and strong. Not a blade raised, nor a drop of blood shed. He knows the celebration will be short and more battles await. Battles larger and more important than the fight for power.
The Subjects of the Prince don’t think He’s a Prince, nor do they believe in Faery Tales. That’s for children’s’ books and the legends to come.
Canadians knew the outcomes were limited from the Election’s start, and the change brought from the ballot box could be slow, and not always what they want.
Like all nations, Canada is buffeted by the winds of a much bigger world, and Canada can not always fix what it does not like, but Canadians have a rich history of change.
A history of Canada making the World a better place.
Canada exercised its greatest privilege today, Canadians expressed their greatest desire.
Leslie Philipp
October 19, 2015